Remington Products Company is a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of orthopedic softgoods, braces, post-operative footwear, and medical grade orthotics. Our contract manufacturing services are driven by our commitment to quality, service and support, and on-time efficient manufacturing.

Private Label
All of our standard products are available to distributors and OEM customers. Select products are also available for private label. Our existing products can be produced under your private label – with your own custom care tag label, heat transfer logos, or your own product application instructions. Our sales and customer service associates are available to assist you with all our private label services.

Examples of Materials Available
We have a wide selection of raw materials on hand and the capability to source any material. Just a small selection of materials we always have on hand:

  • Polyurethane Foam Laminates – Wide Variety of Facing Fabrics
  • Canvas/Duck Materials
  • Neoprene
  • Leathers and Vinyls
  • Plastazote/ProCell, EVA, PORON® Technology, Urethane Sheet Goods
  • Elastics and Stretch Knits
  • Hook and Loop Closures, Straps, PSAs
  • Webbing Materials

Orthopedic Products

Ankle and foot
Comfortable support and relief for most sprains, fractures and traumatic injuries to the ankle or foot. Available in a wide variety of styles with free or restricted movement. View Products

Knee and leg
Unique selection of knee and leg braces and supports. Available in multiple styles that offer support and relief with immobile and mobile options. View Products

Abdominal and back
Abdominal and back supports to provide both relief and support. In addition to unisex supports, we also offer abdominal supports designed specifically for women or men.
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Hand and wrist
Aids in supporting of weak or damaged parts of the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow through both immobilization and mobilization. Available in a wide assortment of styles.
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Arm and shoulder
Comfortably designed for post injury or post-op use. Aids in supporting damaged arm or shoulder with both immobile and mobile options.
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– PORON® is a trademark of Rogers Corporation or its affiliate.