Remington Products Company (RPC), founded in 1934, is located in Wadsworth Ohio. Our 100,000 ft² state-of-the art facility includes our office facilities, manufacturing, product design and development, tooling, packaging, and is led by a highly skilled and dedicated team of employees.

Remington Products maintains a high standard for quality manufacturing and excellent customer service. We strive to deliver high quality products at a competitive price. Through the years, the implementation of newer and more efficient technologies has maintained our ability to deliver diverse products with an increasingly higher level of quality.

Capabilities and Services

  • Compression Molding and Fabrication of Open and Closed-Cell Foams
  • Film and Foam Lamination and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Contour, Kiss, Bevel, Strip, and Die Cutting
  • Product Development, Design, Prototyping, and Material Selection
  • Pattern, CAD, Tooling, and Engineering

The above list is just part of a full range of manufacturing capabilities and services Remington Products has to offer. For more information, visit our Capabilities page.


Quality Standards and Certifications
At Remington Products, we take pride in delivering quality products with superior cushioning, protection, and support that improve the user’s well-being. In order to do that, we carefully monitor and evaluate our processes, looking for areas of improvement. We also adhere to most current industry standards such as Quality Management System Certifications like the ISO 14001:2015.

For more information about our certifications, visit our Distinctions page.


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